Thank you for taking an interest in this new project that I am embarking on.  This will be a quasi educational, quasi entertaining vlog of my editing experience for the first book in the New Phoenix Chronicles.  

Before I get into the video series, I thought I'd share a little about myself.  I'm a very analytical person by nature, and when I find something that interests me, I like to analyze the crap out of it until I become an expert. 


When I first started in the IT profession, I used to devour books on business and systems analysis, business strategy and process methodology, and anything else that would help me to become an expert. It served me well.

But later in life, when I first became involved in Theatre, I discovered that while the theory gave me a leg up over my peers the only way to get really good at acting was to:

a) Do it

b) Have the right teachers and coaches who know their topic inside and out.  People who have such a deep understanding of their technique that they can explain the why behind the activity. There are plenty of teachers out there, but very few experts.  

I'm not a writing teacher, nor am I an expert in writing craft, but I can be a facilitator. If I do have an area of expertise it is finding the experts.   I'm always on the look-out for more, and I can show you who I've found that is really strong in one area or another.  Where the experts go for character inspiration, or structure.  But I will also be executing on their ideas, and you can laugh at me when I get it all wrong.  

But the series will also share a lot of my thinking behind the world of New Phoenix, and the various characters.  So there will be a mix of entertainment and education.  It will be me looking at different problems within my story or world and trying to figure out how to fix them.

This video series is not going to interest everyone.  In fact, I'm expecting most people who read this won't want to hear more. You signed up to read short stories not to take classes in writing. That's cool, I get it.


You should receive a follow-up email after you selected the link that brought you here.  That email is to confirm that you would like to hear more about this video series.    To find out more select the link inside that email, and I'll give you send you some stuff when it is ready.  If not I won't bother you.

Thanks for reading to the end.