Thank you for taking an interest in being a reviewer for my books.  Currently, I'm seeking two different types of reviewers, which I'll tell you about below.


To fully explain this, let me take you through my process. 

Writing process.png

The first step in my process is obviously for me to write and edit the book.  During this phase, I do seek advice from a professional developmental editor, so the book is in good shape before you get it. 

If you choose to be included as an early reader, you would receive a copy of the book and provide feedback on the story.  This wouldn't be an assignment. I would just ask you for general thoughts or comments on anything confusing or was obviously inaccurate.

Next, I have the book grammatically edited by a professional.

The book is now complete and ready to be published, which is where advanced readers come in.  I send the finished product to my advanced readers and ask them/ you to leave a review on either Amazon, Kobo, Goodreads, or any other online store you may frequent. 

Online reviews are incredibly important to help me sell my book.  They provide social proof that my books are worth reading, and if I have enough reviews, it allows me to access some pretty powerful marketing companies like Bookbub to advertise and promote my book. 

By now, you will have received another email from me.  If you are interested in being a reviewer, read that email and select the type of reviewer you would be interested in becoming. Also, if you are not interested in doing any of the above you can opt-out there.

Regardless of what you choose, as an added bonus, I'm going to be setting up a special group on Facebook, a kind of New Phoenix fan page. On that page, I will be offering special prizes, competitions, cybernetic upgrades* and so on and so forth. I've added you to that group already, but I need a bit more time to set it all up.  

Thank you for your continuing support.  

* one of these offers as a lie.