All New Phoenix Chronicles Short Stories

Looking to catch up on a previously published short story?  Whether it is to remind yourself of what happened, or to catch up on a short you might have missed, this is your one stop shop to all ten of the original New Phoenix Stories.  Click on a link below to download the short direct to your device, or read online. 

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The End

A military unit find more than they bargained for during a routine trip into the future. 


Deep within the digital universe of the Nexus, an Artificial Intelligence receives a surprise guest that needs its help.

The Obelix

While visiting her sister, a young woman will use untested technology to escape from a renegade military organisation.


After escaping a terrifying attack on her unit, Sgt Rainey must use all of her wits to survive time travel without a stabiliser.

Blackrock Heist

A young woman desperate to make a name for herself may have bitten off more than she can chew in her latest heist.


Bent on revenge, the leader of a group of time travelling renegades fight for justice from an oppressive regime. 

The Wayward Child

Frank Spencer must choose between following his own path or fulfilling the destiny his father has chosen for him. But choosing against family has consequences. 


A man from an alternate timeline sends a warning to his younger self of a threat that transcends time itself.  


Captured by a mysterious enemy, an injured soldier is forced to endure a cruel and unusual rehabilitation.